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Grand Theft


A young, aspiring make-up artist working at a department store in Orange County, CA was charged with stealing samples of make-up. At a jury trial our firm was able to convince enough of the jurors that our client had no intent of stealing the items, which resulted in a mistrial.

Grand Theft

Charges Dismissed

A young post-graduate student was accused of stealing items from a notable department store in the Orange County, CA area. She was arrested and charged with grand theft. In court, our firm fought for our client and we were able to get the charges dismissed.


Charges Dismissed

A business owner was charged with multiple counts of felony identity theft and credit card fraud. Our firm was able to use our knowledge of the court system to skillfully execute a strategy that resulted in a dismissal of our client’s charges after only several court hearings.

Reckless Driving

Charges Dismissed

A professional in the healthcare industry was charged with reckless driving causing bodily injury as a result of a “road rage” incident. Our firm’s experience and knowledge of criminal procedure enabled us to formulate and execute a game-plan that resulted in a dismissal.


Charges Dismissed

A client who retired from the Armed Services was arrested for a DUI after he was involved in a rear-end collision. Our firm’s extensive knowledge and experience with DUI cases and the various motions available allowed us to formulate a course of action that resulted in a dismissal of all charges.

3 DUIs at Once

Avoidance of Formal Jail Time

A single mother of three children was arrested for her third DUI while on active probation for her first and second DUI. Our firm represented her on both Probation Violations as well as the third DUI.  We successfully fought for an outcome that resulted in no formal jail time. Our client was able to retain her employment, get sober, and was reinstated on probation with the same terms.

Assault & Battery

Charges Dismissed

A certified health care provider was charged with multiple counts of assault and battery after being involved in an altercation at work. Our firm presented compelling arguments through various motions and at pre-trial hearings that  resulted in a dismissal of all charges.

Domestic Violence

Charges Dismissed

A young lady with a career in the professional services industry with an out-of-state nursing license was charged with felony vandalism stemming from a toxic domestic relationship. After extensive negotiations with the Deputy District Attorney, they agreed to dismiss the felony charge.


Not Guilty Verdict

A young lady with state licensing credentials was charged with domestic violence and 2 counts of battery. At trial, our firm was able to cross-examine the prosecution’s witnesses and reveal the flaws in their testimony thereby unanimously convincing all jurors of our client’s innocence that resulted in a not guilty verdict.

Possession & Possession for Sale

Charges Dismissed

Prior to retaining The Law Offices of Bryan R. Kazarian, a young man was convicted of possession for sale of 1800 norco tablets, and was sentenced to jail in Orange County, CA. He also had an active possession of cocaine case in Los Angeles County and was facing 3 years of incarceration for failing to appear. Once retainted, The Law Offices of Bryan R. Kazarian was able to prevent the client from serving 3 years in jail in addition to obtaining a dismissal on the possession of cocaine charge.

Possession for Sale

Charges Dismissed

A young man was charged in Orange County, CA with possession for sale when he was caught in a hotel room with nearly half a pound of heroin. The client retained our services and after seemingly futile negotiations with the District Attorney, our firm was able to convince the judge that the heroin did not belong to our client and the charges were dismissed.


Charges Dismissed

A middle-aged professional was charged with possession of cocaine as a result of the police responding to a wrongly reported burglary call. As the police officers entered the residence they observed a bag of cocaine on the kitchen counter and assumed it belonged to our client. Our firm was able to execute a strategy that resulted in the dismissal of all charges.


The results portrayed in the above testimonials were dependent on the facts of those cases. The results will differ if based on different facts. These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.



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