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Being in business since 1980, I have been associated with the legal profession and I could always understand why people make jokes. Just recently my son had legal troubles, I gave a call to Bryan after reading comments about what he has accomplished for other people. Bryan first explained his back ground, assured me that he could take care of the situation and proceeded. Bryan kept me abreast of every step as it was done, Bryan was like a breath of fresh air, I thanked him for everything he had done for My wife and I, but mostly for my son Garrett. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.


The The Law Offices of Bryan R. Kazarian were very easy to work with in getting my case cleared. I did not even have to show up to court. They were able to work with my schedule and were priced reasonably well. I was informed with a phone call and or text messages every step of the way, until the day my case was cleared. I will gladly suggest them to friends and family. Thanks again for all the help.


Around a year ago my son MC and I met with Bryan Kazarian. Bryan has been one of the best lawyers I have every met. He’s amazing and extremely good at what he does. The way he talks to you and the way he presents himself was a way like no other lawyer I’ve ever met, and believe me I met plenty of lawyers before contacting Bryan. He talks to you making sure you understand how the system works. Anytime I had a question he answered me the best he could. Every single time I met with Bryan, I never walked away wondering “did I understood him correctly”.

On the days we would have court he would talk to us outside the court room, he would explain to us what was going to happen, once we walked out of the court room what he had said was exactly what would happen. The last day of court was….”I would say the worse day but the outcome was the best”! Our case took a turn for the worse, but he didn’t give up, he fought for my son and got the best outcome ever!! My son was looking at over 20 years. Bryan got him 7yrs with half time and almost all his charges dropped. He fought two cases for my son. He’s one HELL of a GREAT LAWYER!!!

I as a mother will always be very grateful for what he did for my son. He’s an excellent lawyer and I would recommend him to friends and family!


Bryan is such a great lawyer, really dependable and always kept me updated on any changes about my case. He fights for the best deal and is a very understanding person. I would definitely recommend Bryan R. Kazarian to all my friends and family and also definitely have him as my lawyer for future complications.


I wouldn’t be able to see these beautiful surroundings that I am experiencing now if I did not have my freedom, I owe that to you Mr. Kazarian and for that I am eternally grateful.


I found Mr. Kazarian on the internet while searching for attorneys to assist me in defending the charges of petty theft which I was being accused of. I met with him and he took the time to understand my situation. He did some research and came up with a solution. In the end, I was able to attend a class on theft with a few other things and then the case was dismissed. I would recommend ANYONE to contact Mr. Kazarian with any legal matter.


9 month ago my whole life changed. I was in the county facing time? Me, the son of the former Egyptian Law Minster? I bailed myself out and hired Bryan. At the time I did not have faith in our system. I was full of anger and rage. Bryan was more of a sponsor to me. He is one of the people I am proud I met, smart, kind and compassionate. Anything else said about him comes of jealousy, hatred and spite. Thanks again for all the hard work.


I found myself facing the DA being charged with possession of a prescription medication without a prescription. The Law Offices of Bryan R. Kazarian was able to get my case dismissed by paying a small fine clearing my record. I would recommend The Law Offices of Bryan R. Kazarian and his services to anyone facing any criminal beef.


I was a 3rd DUI offender and the best deal we received was 270 days in jail. Mr. Kazarian presented countless scenarios to the D.A. regarding my need for substance abuse treatment and not jail. Eventually, Mr. Kazarian convinced the D.A. to allow me to spend less time in a residential treatment facility instead of jail.


“Thank you for being assertive and on tact making sure and inquiring about both tickets. I appreciate your services and will recommend you to all my friends and family that may need an attorney in the state of California…..thank you for being efficient, honest, and reliable. I am now able to drive with a North Carolina drivers license.


I highly recommend Bryan Kazarian for his integrity, energy and extensive knowledge of legal system. Through his tireless efforts and many meetings with the District Attorney’s office he was able to get my DUI reduced to a Wet Reckless. This is highly unusual I have learned. Because of his persistence and personality he was able to make it happen. He kept me informed and made it so I didn’t have to appear in court. I feel very lucky to have had Mr. Kazarian represent me.


Bryan helped me avoid a potentially disastrous situation and while everyone else in court was getting jail time I got the terms I was hoping for. Money well spent. Thanks Bryan!


I had a number of cases and I should have been looking at three years or more in prison. Bryan was able to get me NO prison time and probation. BRYAN IS AN AMAZING LAWYER AND EXTREMELY DEPENDABLE!!! So grateful for his hard work and dedication….. Thank you Bryan You are truly a life saver!


I was wrongly accused of driving under the influence, I faced costly criminal charges and risked losing my license for a year. I felt like I had no chance at proving my innocence, until I was refereed to Bryan from one of his local offices in my city. I explained to him my situation and he went right on it after I hired him. In all, Bryan worked up a great case for me and got the criminal charges dropped and got my license back. But most importantly he proved my innocence . I would recommend Bryan to any one of my friends and family and to any one in need of an attorney.


My experience working with Bryan Kazarian was great. The circumstances weren’t so great but Bryan did an amazing job at making the entire process as painless and stress free as possible for me. Bryan devised a great plan outside the courtroom to help increase the chances of getting my charges dropped. He was there with me every step of the way and in the end all charges were dropped. I couldn’t have been any happier with Bryan Kazarian’s services and would advise anyone in trouble with the law to give him a call.


About 3 months ago I got charged with reckless driving. At the time I did not know what is at stake. Soon I have found conviction in this matter means suspension of driver license a fat fine and increase in my insurance up to 30 percent. So I start losing sleep over it. I was referred to Bryan through a friend. Guess what today I got an e-mail from Bryan quoted “Congratulations the matter is dismissed”. Don’t you love that? If you do so don’t you think you owe it to yourself in case of unfortunate incident to have him represent you with his knowledge and expertise? I strongly recommend Bryan to people that I know and as well to people that are reading my experience. Thank you Bryan.


After I was charged with a DUI, Mr. Kazarian took the time to understand my case and work with the District Attorney to dismiss the charges. He made the process painless and saved my life!


I found out that I had a few warrants holding me back from getting my license so I decided that I needed a lawyer to help me. I found Bryan Kazarian’s website via Google & told him about my case. He was very informative about the possible outcome & prompt with going to court. Within a week from hiring him everything was taken care of. If I ever have more legal issues I would hire Bryan again.


Bryan is a consummate professional.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience with a lawyer. He’s personable from the beginning and truly understands you and is really accessible, which as a client which makes the process much more relaxing. You have the confidence that he’s working with your best interests in mind, and he’s in your corner no matter what which, for me, was huge.

But then there’s this: Bryan’s team is very smart, and he’s very sharp. He knows the system like a native language and above all, he’s just a pro. This was evident when I saw the respect he commands from judges and lawyers alike. I highly recommend.


Bryan Kazarian is the best lawyer you can come across. He is extremely dedicated to his work and all of his clients. He made me feel very comfortable and I could tell that he really cared about my case. Any time I had a question about anything, no matter how big or small, Bryan would call me almost immediately to answer them. He dresses to impress and takes his job very serious. At my last court appearance I had so many people walk up to me and ask me if they can please get his card. You will not regret choosing Mr. Kazarian as your lawyer. I trust him with my life. Thank you Bryan for all that you have done for me!


Bryan is incredible. From the very first phone call, to our meeting, and all the way through to getting my case dismissed – he was professional, made me feel very comfortable, really cared about my case and made sure it was resolved quickly. He was always available to answer any questions I had. His team is solid and strong – if you want someone that is going to fight for you and get you the best outcome….you want Bryan as your attorney. He will also work with you on payment plans, so you don’t have to stress about payments. Trust me on this, you wont be disappointed. Thank you Bryan for everything!!


If you are being charged in criminal court in Orange County you want Attorney Bryan Kazarian as your lawyer. I did my research and met with a few criminal attorneys prior to meeting Bryan. I knew they were not a fit for my case. I started searching online for other criminal defense attorneys to meet. I came across Bryan’s reviews on yelp and I decided to send him a message. Within one day he responded to my message I sent him and we set up a time to speak on the phone briefly. We set up a consultation to meet at his office after that. Within five minutes of meeting Bryan I knew he was the attorney for me and from that point forward all the stress was lifted off my shoulders. Bryan is straight forward, no bullshit. The district attorneys charges were dropped against me and case dismissed. He is worth every dollar I paid.


Bryan was amazing at such a hard time in our lives he helped us through it got my husband no jail time and got our family back together always was there even when sometimes all I needed was a friend to talk to so thankful totally recommended Bryan if you need any legal assistance in any criminal case.


David Ventura is a blessing. He took on two messy DUI cases, one in OC and one in Riverside. From beginning to end, David was extremely communicative. I really appreciated that he didn’t sugar coat things for us. He was always honest about possible outcomes and always took the time to phone me with full details when something new was presented.

I would not hesitate to recommend David Ventura and the law offices of Bryan Kazarian. Thank you David, you pulled a miracle!


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“Bryan is a miracle worker, his reputation goes beyond making slim to nothing chances, almost impossible… Possible. I highly recommend Bryan for any obstacle or unfortunate bind you get yourself into. You won’t regret it…”


“I wouldn’t be able to see these beautiful surroundings that I am experiencing now if I did not have my freedom, I owe that to you Mr. Kazarian and for that I am eternally grateful.”


“Bryan helped me navigate a tough case, and got me the best deal we could manage all while avoiding a bunch of headache and any jail time.”


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