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If you are under investigation for a crime you did or did not commit, it is extremely important that you understand your rights and how to invoke them. A criminal conviction can complicate your life for years, making it difficult to get jobs, housing, and even loans.

At The Law Offices of Bryan R. Kazarian, we understand how stressful and terrifying it is to be a suspect in a criminal investigation. Knowing your constitutional rights may be the difference between imprisonment and freedom. Our highly-skilled Orange County legal defense team will thoroughly analyze the details of your case to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected. 

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From the moment the police begin questioning you about your whereabouts and actions relating to a certain event, you are likely a suspect. As such, it is of extreme importance that you understand your constitutional rights.

What Are My Rights if I am Under Investigation?

Whether you are guilty or innocent, you have rights. Below are some of your rights under the United States Constitution and how you can invoke them.

Right to Leave

Generally, if you are not under arrest, you have the right to physically move away from a police officer. If you are unsure of whether or not you are being arrested, simply ask the officer. If the response is no, you have a right to leave. If the officer says that you are being detained, you have the right to leave within a reasonable amount of time. As soon as you leave, call an experienced Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney.

Right to Privacy

Under the 4th Amendment, you are protected from unreasonable searches and seizures. Unless an exception applies, the police may not search your home without a search warrant. Additionally, you or your property may not be searched without a warrant or probable cause.  To get around these requirements, the police often ask for your consent to allow them to search you, your home, or your property.  You have the right to privacy which gives you the right to respectfully deny their request.

Right to Remain Silent

Under the 5th Amendment, you have the right to remain silent whenever you are questioned by a government official (i.e. a police officer). This right is intended to protect you from self-incrimination. Except for limited circumstances, such as the requirement to provide a valid driver’s license if you are pulled over while driving, you have a right to remain silent and not answer their questions. If you answer their questions, your answers will become part of their investigation and your statements will be used against you.  If you are questioned by a police officer or police investigator, you can invoke your right to remain silent.  You can invoke this right by politely, but firmly, telling them that you do not want to answer their questions and that you wish to remain silent. 

Right to an Attorney

If you are arrested for allegedly committing a crime, you have a right to have an attorney present during police questioning.  If you suspect that you may be the target of a criminal investigation, you should exercise your right to remain silent and direct the police to contact your attorney if they have any questions.  Although your right to an attorney is not triggered until after you are arrested, directing the investigator to an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney will protect you from making any incriminating statements.  Even if you know you are innocent, hiring legal counsel is essential. Never assume that innocence will protect you from being charged with a crime.

Law enforcement is trained to use various tactics to elicit incriminating statements from suspects. To defend yourself against a criminal investigation and potential criminal charges, it is vital that you place a seasoned Criminal Defense Attorney between you and the investigation.  If you do not have an attorney, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Bryan R. Kazarian may be able to protect you.

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