Every Single Case Is Different

In the practice of criminal defense, every single case is different. When a case is filed, it is important to be aware of how slight differences in the location of a case can have a huge impact on your sentence should you plead or be found guilty.

Even for two cases charged with the same offense a person to be facing very different penalties depending on the location in which their case is filed. For example, the most common criminal prosecution is easily for enforcement of CVC 23152, the DUI statute. In certain counties, the consequences for a DUI may be more or less severe than in others.  This is especially true when dealing with repeated DUI offenses.

Location Matters When It Comes To Being Arrested

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If a person is found guilty or pleads guilty to a DUI (CVC 23152) which is filed in Orange County, CA, the outcome could be very different than in Riverside County, CA. You could potentially have the exact same Blood Alcohol, and both be stopped in the same way, but end up sentenced to a term that would not normally have been required had the case happened somewhere else.  As with almost everything, location matters when it comes to being arrested for a DUI (CVC 23152) or for any other criminal charge.

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