The Crime of Theft

There are many different types of crime, and one of the most diverse types of crime is that of Theft. Whether a violation of California Penal Code (CPC) 484/488, the charge can be filed as either a Misdemeanor or a Felony. When paired with other actions, the crime of theft can even end up charged as a Robbery (CPC 211). However, even the least severe version of this charge can have a lasting effect on your life and be remembered by the Justice System for years to come.

Difficulty Finding Employment

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Though it may not seem anywhere near as severe as a Felony Theft Charge under CPC 487, the seemingly innocuous charge of Petty Theft (CPC 484/488) can be damaging when attempting to seek future employment. If convicted of a theft of any kind, many people have found it difficult to find employment thereafter. Even if they are able to become employed, they may be denied advancement in job roles with more responsibilities, and therefore miss out on potential earnings.

If You or Anyone You Care About is Facing a Criminal Charge

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